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Parenting And Co-Parenting Support

Many parents struggle with behavioral issues, communication problems and difficulties in addressing issues that arise with their child or children during divorce or separation. Never married parents may face an even greater challenging in co-parenting as there may not have been any mutual parenting history. Parents that stay together may also face issues in working with each other, developing comprehensive behavioral expectations and working with children that engage in challenging behaviors.

Parents in any situation can benefit from the support of someone outside the family that can take an objective, structured look at the behavior, communication problem or issues that are creating the challenge. One of the services offered though Positive Communication Systems is Parenting and Co-Parenting Support. This is not a one size fits all program, rather it is a customized support system to help single parents, co-parents and parents that just need a bit of practical help and support to become the parents that they want to be.

A few of the many services offered in this area includes:

·         Telephone or email consultation services for specific parenting, co-parenting or communication skills within the family

·         One-on-one programs for parents or co-parents to develop detailed and effective parenting guidelines that provide consistency and routine for the children and minimize  stress and potential conflict for the parents

·         Small or large group training on developing effective communication techniques for co-parents, parents and caregivers

·         Assisting parents and families in understanding a child's response to divorce and separation

·         Assistance in developing behavioral strategies and expectations that are designed around the abilities of the child and the family

·         Development of a parenting toolbox that allows parents to have options for addressing issues within the family

·         Consulting and one-on-one  or couple's mentoring for effective communication in co-parenting relationships

·         Designing and assisting with the practical aspects of implementing behavior, social skills training and wrap around programs between home and school for children with special needs

·         Specialized programs that address the unique needs of your family and children

·         Support for parents in preparation for school based meetings including formal placement or planning meetings and parent-teacher conferences

·         Assistance for parents in discussing behavior programs and plans with daycare services, family members and other groups or individuals

Any parent or parents can participate in the Parenting and Co-Parenting Support services package. While it is always beneficial to have both parents participate, one parent is welcome to participate in any of the services offered. Children may also provide information to the consultant but will not be involved in the training programs or the consultation services.

What Parenting And Co-Parenting Support Is Not

The services offered through the Parenting and Co-Parenting Support program at Positive Communication Systems are not designed to replace therapy and are not therapeutic in nature. Information provided will focus in on the best interests of the child and family and will not include legal information, advice or support.

Parent and Co-parenting support is not Parenting Coordination or Parenting Facilitation and participation is voluntary in nature. Staff is not qualified to testify on custody issues, recommendations for the child during divorce or separation or to the competency of abilities of a parent or parents.